Sharks Foundation Awards Bronco Urban Gardens a $25,000 Grant and Alma Verde Students Attend Sharks Game!

On March 17th, Alma Verde participated in the “Great American Trash Pick-Up.” About 25 volunteers accomplished a great deal in only four hours including: picking up trash around the Alma Community Center, power washing the playground, intense weeding of the garden, and deep cleaning of the interior. In the pictures above Sayra stands proudly in front of all the trash that was collected that day in and around the center and three Alma Verde students smile in front of our brand new office space at the center. 

This March we celebrated “Pi Day” with the baking club from Santa Clara University. The kids tasted several different kinds of pies (peach, berry, and chocolate to name a few) and were asked to write down their guesses for the main ingredient in each. The student that guessed all the pie ingredients correctly got the chance to pie the teachers in the face! Michelle, Janene and Nicole were all pied…

In late February, we had our first “Spring” day in the garden and planted carrot, radish, fava bean, and sugar snap pea seeds!

At our first Friday Fun Day of the winter quarter, the Vietnamese Student Association from Santa Clara University led a fun “Culture and Cooking” workshop with the Alma kids in celebration of the Lunar New Year that was earlier that week! The kids were introduced to new friends, ate some traditional Vietnamese foods like green waffles, red sweet rice, and Bánh Chưng, a steamed cake that also has a fun folktale that was also shared and heard!

The kids learned about the importance of rice to Vietnamese people, who use rice in their foods as well as to make things like rice paper and rice hats! Using the rice hats, we also played a “Ricebreaker” where the kids were blindfolded and had to use only their hands find paperclips among rice grains! 

It was a very fun day for both the SCU students and the Alma Verdeans, and we are looking forward to more “Culture and Cooking” workshops from other multicultural clubs from Santa Clara University like Barkada, the filipino cultural club, Intandesh, the South Asian cultural club, and more the rest of the year!